Thursday - November 30 - 2006

Adventure growing up

I was brought up in a small town in the countryside. Growing up in the countryside offered lots of advantages for young people. The only problem was that we often got into trouble as we made up stories that we acted out around town...

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Tuesday - November 28 - 2006

"Le Site du Zéro" in book at last

Since the time we waited it, It is now arrived in "306" pages.
What.... you don't know It is a reference in the most used Internet languages programming for novices.
I've been started on for 5 years now, and I keep following the website since its begining.

"Le site du zero" book is writing by Mathieu Nebra, alias M@teo21, founder of the web site "".
Published by Eyrolles, it took 9 months of realization to offer you 20 chapters in 306 pages, and as they said on the web site here (in french please :D) the book doesn't recopy only the content of the website but it has in addition unpublishied work about new internet publications. With some tests this book is a nice way to begin in the domain of THE Internet.

Sunday - November 26 - 2006

"Parallax Map"

Parallax map or Photonic Mapping, Offset Mapping, Virtual Displacement Mapping (call it as you want :D ) is a new kind of " bump mapping " it enhances the sensation of depth.
For more details on parallax map visit -> Wiki paralax mapping


let's compare :
Before : Original after :Parallax mapping

You can try a demo concerning the technique of prallax mapping here 
The demo is developped with Virtools Dev 3.5. To play the Demo Download the Virtools player

Enjoy :)

My new blog

Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog.

I would first thank my English teacher Mrs. LEMERTEL who encouraged me to make a webblog grrrrrrrrr....
You must know that I was against blogs before, especially the ones like Skyblog - blogger.
Anyway she did the trick to convince me :D

with the hope to not disappoint you
Enjoy my blog ;)