Thursday - December 21 - 2006

Adena armor

Just want to share my armor I put it on youtube to try it, very nice and easy to use.
but the thing is that it re-encode the video, so sorry for the quality.

It is an Amor especilally for RPG game with a very low polycount. The mapping aren't totally fixed yet, and I need to add the normal and paralax map ;)
bye bye

Sunday - December 17 - 2006

Portfolio updated

Hey everyone This weekend I finaly got the courage to put my portfolio online :S .
Of course it is only a simple porfolio because I plan before to make another one with further visuals and interactivity, on my new website.
And of course more important work ^^.

Enjoy ;)

Thursday - December 14 - 2006

Jaimee a perfect heroine for Mangas

Kalispera everyone (Hello)
Okay just want to show you my last heroine, named Jaimee (Cooee Jaimee)

To start, I drew a sketch here:


And color it on photoshop

I passed this evening to color it now it's time to bed... :S
See you later

Wednesday - December 13 - 2006

Regional accents are 'bad for business'

A recent survey conducted on business managers in the UK has revealed that certain regional accents can be “bad for business”. Professor Khalid Aziz, a specialist in communication for executives and high fliers, carried out the survey to gauge the degree to which prejudices against accents exists...

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Tuesday - December 5 - 2006

Love & Destroy >>> new Fan art

Hey everyone,
I just want to show my latest WIP, a picture drawing on Illustrator and Photoshop CS.
It is a reproduction of one of my favorite Manga (not totally a manga; Illustrated novel)
"Love & Destroy" by Katsura Masakazu & Hamasaki / Shueisha

love & destroy
here is my work:

bye ;)