Sunday - January 28 - 2007

Revan Again

Coooee everyone,

As I said before, I promised to show you Revan with an online 3D engine.
Here it is
"Revan with the virtools engine"  

Commands :
  • numpad 1 : camera 1
  • numpad 2 : camera 1
  • numpad 3 : camera 1
  • up arrow : move up
  • down arrow : move down
  • space bar : activate animation // not yet

The demo is developped with Virtools Dev 3.5. To play the Demo Download the Virtools player.

See you

Friday - January 26 - 2007

back between 2 mouse clicks

Hi there

I tried to managed my time as hard as I could.
I passed the journey to export my bachelor project on "virtools" (a 3d engine for VR application in real time) Grrrrrrrr.
but at final the tests in the SAS cube (CAVE) was ok, somes troubles yet but the project is getting better now.

This next weeks I will have a lot of exams too and my english oral presentation that I will need to revise this weekend :D

Now it's time to show you the latest version of Revan.

Right here is the head modeling for normal map made on Zbrush

I was disapointed with the result on the low polygon mesh, maybe next time will be better, I project in addition to create another head because i'm not proud of this one :/

I posted for you a short movie of Revan in action^^

The next time I promise to put My char with an online 3D engine, like that you will be able to see her in detail ;) See yah

Wednesday - January 10 - 2007

Some new works

Friend reader
Because of the time I spent on my school project (that I will need to post a billet on it), I forgot to show you the last work I created during my small winter break.
But ok now it is.

The first one (I think) is like the WAR of WORLDS of antiquity.

I used Z-brush for the modeling and texturing which is very funny to texture, roll on the version 2.5, and photoshop CS2 with a picture took close to my town.

and here are some drawing, I wanted to invent new kind of armor for my character this armor is named Nexion

See you later :)

Tuesday - January 9 - 2007

Assassin's Creed

Once again Ubisoft blows us away again with wonderful game characters and environments

I especialy love the animation nice job, it seems hard to animate an horse ^^
In short this game will rulez.
just watch it

Official website :

Monday - January 8 - 2007

Happy new year

Hello everyone and Happy new year 2007.
These few last days I didn’t had the web, now it is back and I am here again :p
I want to present you the last project I’m working on, it is a character named “Revan”
A character for game, so it does mean that we are limited in the number of polygons.
The method to make a character in low poly with high details is to use normal map.
Like the Unreal3 engine shows us, this method is powerful.

Here the low polygon mesh and the high polygon mesh

And the result with the texture + normal map generated by the high polygon mesh.

I would challenge myself if I were able to make game characters using this method.

The first step was to make a low polygon mesh
Here it is:

Made on 3d studio Max

Then, when Revan was done in lowpoly I used ZBrush to create with all the imagination we can have the High polygon mesh,

On these pictures the head is not the right version. Actually I used 2 normal maps one for the body and the other for the head.
I didn’t finish the head yet, it’s a bit hard to get a realistic head character.

After had completed the high definition mesh I generated the normal map and applied it on the low detailed mesh of Revan.
I used 3d Studio max to build the nmap

Finally, The last step is the texturing that I need to seriously train myself to reach the same level of Epic game’s character departement.
But learning more each day is always good ^^.
For the texture detail I will use a resolution of 2048*2048 each one, like the normal map they made in Epic Game.
Bye ;)