Thursday - February 15 - 2007

New sketchs for DW II

Shibo character Design - DW II

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Monday - February 12 - 2007

WIP - DW II - charcater design

I spend the evening with my friends drawing somes sketchs for Dominance war II.
I'm still a bit anxious of what I will done, but i'm on the way and I know that i want to make a girl ^^.

here is the link to CGchat Shibo character Design - DW II

Friday - February 9 - 2007

Dominance War II

As you know I wasn't here for a while, indeed I will pass my exams these next weeks, and i'm currently on The Dominance War II challenge, it will take me a lot of time. I'm only at the Skecth step :D
take a look at the competion here and I hope to se you there ;) (

I would thank Jian and Miao who had gave me some advices for some of my works ;)