Saturday - May 26 - 2007

Z Brush3

I tested for the first time Zbrush 3 one week ago, I didn't finished to browse all the news features yet,
but i already made some new stuffs here:

And some others movies here:
Ancien Queen
Pachy head


Saturday - May 19 - 2007

Pachy news update

Here are some news movies for the animations of the dinosaur.

Movie 1 Movie 2 Movie 3
I thank Seb. and Laurence Beckers who helped me with the rendering ;)


Thursday - May 10 - 2007

Some simples News

After the Virtual Reality show in Laval "Laval virtual" where ours School projects were presented, I return back in Belgium without forgotting to vote for my president :D

I am currently still working in Alterface on a dinosaur for the museum in Brussel. The best part I've done is the rigging which was very interesting.
Unfortunatley this rigging doesn't work on the real-time engine used by Alterface Grrrr, it explodes my character everytime, the solution is to used a simple biped.

You can dowload the max file of my Rigging :
-> patchy_anim_03.max

And here are some screens shot of the project "Beyond Giverny" showed inside the Cave at Laval Virtual.

And there is a modeling head made with zBrush on my freetime.