2 movies turnaround of the high detailed mesh and the xBox360 model are also available at these links below:

I began to make a low poly model at 1406 triangles,

As the contest allowed me a budget of 2500 vertices i subdivided the mesh (in using zBrush) and went so to 2456 vertices after some modifications.
here a small picture of the new mesh using the extra poly.

Afterward i used zBrush to make a high detailed mesh and build a strong normal map:

I used Zmapper (As usual ;) ) to generate the normal map.
Then after that the detailed mesh and the nmap was done, i passed to next step that was the body painting.

And finally the texture built also with Photoshop look like to that:

You can see some more screens of the bust bellow:

Hope you like it. And many thanks to Laurent Dury for this contest