Saturday - May 9 - 2009

www.GEN-ART.NET v2

Hello there,
Wow it's been a long long time i didn't post on my blog.

So here is my new portfolio and my new website 2009
Have Fun


Wednesday - October 3 - 2007


I'm very delighted to present you my Demo Reel 2007

Mirror link: (Right click save as).

Enjoy :)


Thursday - August 16 - 2007

After stayed some nights at the hospital :( I am finally here to present you my last website. :S showcases some of my recent artworks in the fields of 3D and 2D, i will continually update this one

Hope you will like it ;)


Saturday - May 26 - 2007

Z Brush3

I tested for the first time Zbrush 3 one week ago, I didn't finished to browse all the news features yet,
but i already made some new stuffs here:

And some others movies here:
Ancien Queen
Pachy head


Thursday - April 26 - 2007

My friend Pachy

Pachy is a bone-headed dinosaurs the Pachycephalosaurus I'm still working on it with the rigging and the animations for the moment.
The great company "Alterface" where i'm currently in internship, makes me responsible for the realization of the Pachy project. It will be set up on a large screen in the "natural sciences" museum in Brussels inside the Dinosaur's room.