Saturday - March 31 - 2007

Dominance War II wallpapers - S H I B O

I made 2 wallpapers, more to show the back of Shibo, it don't apear on the beauty pose.

1024 * 768
1280 * 1024

1024 * 768
1280 * 1024


Wednesday - March 28 - 2007


IT is been a long and bloody war, we are in 3016, at the time i'm writing this letter, this war knows as the DOMINANCE WAR II seems to take its endding.
My name is Shibo i've been fighting for the opposing CGchat force.
Tomorrow will be the last day.... the Day of The freedom... the Day of The victory.

Winning pose

Beauty pose

Construction shot

Texture sheet

Concept base

Theses last hours will be the longer of my life


Sunday - March 18 - 2007

Shibo W.I.P

News updates of Shibo for DW II chalenge.

This is the high polygon mesh I made to build the normal map

And here some others screens of the low polygon mesh:

Shibo character Design - DW II